David Birtwhistle Illustrated Talk

David Birtwhistle gave a very illuminating talk and demonstration for us on Thursday 27th November at St. Andrew’s Centre Hall, Pershore. He generously allowed the audience to handle and examine samples of his work at close hand. One of our Photography Group members, Kevin Pugh, resurrected a relatively old (20 years) video camera to project onto a big screen live-action of David working on two unfinished paintings, so that all present were able to enjoy a really good view of paintbrush on artwork. As well as describing his own techniques and modes of working, David shared some interesting comments on J.M.W. Turner’s methods, sparked by the latest Mike Leigh film “Mr. Turner”. Our thanks go to David for his inspiring talk, to his wife, Linda, for her able assistance and to Kevin for the technology!


David Birthistle talks about art David Birthistle shows fine detail David Birthistle captivates the audience David Birthistle allows the crowd to handle his work