Pershore Library Mural

With the newly refurbished library approaching completion, Pershore Arts were invited to create a mural to decorate one of two large wall spaces. The brief was to paint 3 canvas panels, to be hung close together high above the book shelves on the ground floor. Could we do it? Could we come up with a concept, would it be acceptable and could we get a team together to paint it? Having successfully created a frieze for the lobby of St.Andrew's in 2012, we decided to go for it. A group of interested members met to discuss ideas and we went with the theme of 'readers'.

Planning the mural for Pershore Library Painting the Mural

Scaling up the A4 artwork was the next challenge: using an old OHP, we projected the designs onto canvases 1 metre x 2 metres and very soon the drawing team had pencilled in all the lines.

Over three more sessions, an assortment of Pershore Arts members gave their time to paint the canvases and now we look forward being able to admire our efforts in situ, in the library itself. It's a complicated manoeuvre to raise up and fix the canvases on the wall, but we hope to be able to announce that they're in place soon - watch this space!

The finished Mural