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Croome Walled Garden

Croome Walled Garden

Just five miles from Pershore is the Walled Garden at Croome, reputedly the largest in Europe. Following discussions with the owner, Chris Cronin, it has been agreed that Pershore Arts' members visit to draw, paint and take photographs of this unique space. The plan is for the resulting artwork to fill our annual exhibition at Number 8, and some of the exhibits may later be displayed in the new visitor centre in the Garden.

Flowers at Croome Walled Garden

The idea is for small groups to go at different times, so that, apart from enjoying the gardens, we have an added social element. To launch this, members were given a guided tour by Chris, who explained what we can expect to see in the garden during the coming months.

During the winter, while the garden is closed to the public, contractors will dig over 1Km of trenches for mains electrics, data cables and a new hi-tech irrigation system, prior to opening next Easter. The garden volunteers will be working on site during this period so we hope to organise dates when Pershore Arts Members will also be able to safely venture in to sketch and/or take photos.

Pictures from the Greenhouse at Croome Walled Garden

Chris and Karen Cronin look forward to sharing with us some of the magic of the Walled Garden at Croome.

Member Julie Jones said: I thoroughly enjoyed Chris's stories about discoveries he and his team of workers had made within the walled garden (all told with such passion and enthusiasm). I've lived in and around Pershore for 34 years and I'm ashamed to say that this was my first visit! I will definitely be going back to take more photos/make sketches.

More pictures from the walled garden are available to members only

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