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The Husky trail
24th - 31st March 2017

Husky Sledding in the Acrtic Circle, Hazel Green

I have been planning this trip for some months now and as it gets closer I must focus to be ready - maintain fitness and purchase kit etc. Five days sledding through Lapland above the Arctic Circle from Norway along the Swedish border and down into Jukkasjarvi to The Ice Hotel.

You may wonder why go at all? If I want to take part in such an
adventure it must be while I have the capability. That time is
now. I am training to maintain my fitness - swimming, walking,
yoga and working in the gym, so I should be ready!

I have visited Scandinavia before but not as far north as Lapland. It will be springtime when I am there. The temperatures should be just above freezing during the day, dropping to below -20c at night. Anything precious will be keeping me company in my sleeping bag at night - that certainly includes my camera. I am hoping there will be good opportunity to take photos as a visual diary to accompany a small written journal. If the results are OK, of course I will share them with you on my return, along with any anecdotal episodes.

Alongside this, I will be raising money for two charities: St. Richards Hospice  and Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders) My aim is to raise a total of £2,000.00 to split equally between the two. There is more detailed information about the trip and route on my justgiving page . Of course, if you could make a donation of any kind, it all helps. Thank you!

Hazel Green

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