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Some of Julie Sanders Weekly Drawing challenges

Julie's Weekly Challenge

“I want to draw something, but I don’t know what to draw.” We’re grateful to member Julie Sanders for setting a weekly challenge to give us a focus, particularly during lockdown. Some of the drawings in this issue are the result of Julie’s challenges - so if you’d like to join in, go to our Facebook page, or email Julie on: and she will copy you into the weekly email with the new challenge.


For a fascinating insight into how our gardens became our refuges during lockdown, see The Guardian Lifestyle section May 16 2020 ‘It's Our Sanctuary’: Gardens in Lockdown, as Seen by Drone. Constrained from his usual work, photographer Robert Ormerod used his aerial camera to document how his neighbours in Edinburgh found solace in their own green spaces. The result is a beautiful collection of amusing, intriguing and touching images of households coping with a crisis caused by an invisible and lethal enemy.

Garden flowerbox by Gemma Harding

Gemma Harding

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