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Heads Down for a Day of Printmaking

A day of Printmaking

Learning different Printing Techniques

"It all happened when eight members of Pershore Arts spent a happy January day trying out different printing methods, including linocuts and collagraphs, at St Peter's Church in Malvern" says Chris Dodd. "Aimed at complete printmaking beginners like me, it was a great workshop which turned out to be less difficult than I though it might be.

Thanks to the expert tuition and encouragement of Andrew Judd and other members of St Peter's Printmakers, I produced my first ever lino-cut (see below) and was surprisingly pleased at the result. As I was hacking away with the cutters I didn't really expect my zebra to turn out so zebra-like! I don't know what my fellow members felt, but personally I'm hooked. One zebra might well lead to a whole menagerie!"

Lino-cut of Zebra by Chris Dodd and using priniting press

St Peter's Printmakers meet on Friday afternoons and run occasional one-day workshops. To find out more, please contact Andrew Judd on 01685 893 858 or email

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