Pershore Arts' Weekly Challenge

Posted on Pershore Arts’ Facebook page, and also sent by email to members each THURSDAY (starting starting on April 23rd). Take part in the challenge or just share your current art project for others to see. After all, that’s what we are here for, to be inspired by each other, to share tips and expertise, develop our skills while also sharing a love of everything ‘Art’. Be creative and resourceful - some of your art supplies might be running low - use paint, ink, wire, clay, fabric, mosaics, painted stones, collage, photography, crochet, knit etc.

UPDATE: The weekly challenge will only be sent to those who have participated to date and to anyone else who makes contact to say they’d like to take part.

This is the list of Challenges so far, with an interpretation by one of our members.

WEEK 1: Draw reflections in glass or metal. ‘Coffee Pot’ by Jude Simms.

Reflections in a Coffee Pot by Jude Simms
WEEK 2: Select a real or imaginary view from your window. ‘Window box’ by Gemma Harding.
Wedding Flowers by G Harding
WEEK 3: Paint, draw or photograph a pet or an animal. 'Chicken' by Jenny Devos.

Chicken by Jenny Devos
WEEK 4: Illustrate a character or place from a book of your choice. Nan Shepherd's 'Wild Geese' by Sue Batty.
Nan Shepherd's 'Wild Geese' by Sue Batty
WEEK 5: Produce a line drawing of a room and its contents. 'Canteen Kitchen' by Sue Haslam.

Canteen Kitchen by Sue Haslam
WEEK 6: Draw/paint 'waves' or the ocean in any medium you prefer. 'Breaking Waves' by Julie Jones.
Breaking Waves by J Jones